Welcome to the Palestinian Circus

An important commentary on the everyday restrictions faced by Palestinians to their culture and lives. Shame on those who oppose BDS as a way of supporting a population living under a racist apartheid regime!

Palestine Square | ميدان فلسـطيـن

Welcome to the Circus is a new documentary about The Palestinian Circus School in Ramallah and its collaborative shows staged in the West Bank and Jerusalem with the visiting LIDO circus school from Toulouse, France.

Beyond the salient joy and excitement of training for and performing in a circus, the documentary illuminates the experiences of the French troupe. Newly arrived in Palestine, most performers know very little about the daily reality. Before the circus tour commences, the visiting French are taken on a tour of Israeli settlements, the separation barrier, and a checkpoint. This is one of the most illustrative features of the documentary: the necessity of bearing witness. An effort to bring more artists and other influential individuals to the Palestinian territories would be equally eye-opening for many Westerns, especially Americans, as it clearly is for the visiting French.

(Photo Credit: Milan Szypura) (Photo Credit: Milan Szypura)

Since the circus is a touring group, the arbitrary nature…

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