The following article was written by A. Manchanda (Manu) for the April-May 1965 issue of the West Indian Gazette. This proved to be the last issue of the paper as a result of Manu’s illness, lack of resources and the refusal of previous outlets to distribute the paper. After the appearance of the editorial, Manu was immediately suspended from the Communist Party, a culmination of years of struggle within it over issues of  racism, ‘the national question’, colonialism and neo-colonialism. Manu and Claudia Jones (the late founder and editor of the paper) had both been told by party ‘comrades’ that  they did not want ‘colonial comrades’ in leadership roles. Claudia Jones had died in December, 1964, as the schism in the world communist movement between the Soviet Union and China was about to crack wide open. Claudia had visited China a couple of months before she died and Manu was in China at the time of  her death. This article reflects the global issues of the day as well as the internal differences within the Communist Party of ‘Great Britain.’ 



As the storm of national liberation movements sweep the world against imperialism and neo-colonialism, the imperialists, headed by U.S. imperialism, find it more and more difficult to openly carry on their wars of aggression and interference in other countries. To deceive the world people the imperialists have been trying their best to cover their wanton aggressions under the fraudulent excuse of “keeping the peace.”

Thus the Truman Administration used “United Nations Forces” for its aggression in Korea, but claimed that the “use of force” in Korea by the United Nations had “greatly strengthened the cause of peace.”

In its aggression against Congo (L) the Kennedy Administration asserted that what was at stake “is the issue of peace not only for the Congo but for the world.” The Johnson Administration alleged that its massacre of the people of Panama was for the preservation of “peace and security.” Its barbaric aggression in South Vietnam and expansion of its war in Indo-China are claimed to be steps for the “realisation of peace in South-East Asia.” In its latest aggression against the Dominican Republic, U.S. imperialism has used the pretext of “protecting American nationals” and “to preserve law and order” to brutally massacre the heroic Dominican people, but it is dragooning Latin American Governments into legalising its aggression and interference under the cloak of “collective action” for “law and order.”

United States imperialism, in particular, which has carried on aggression and interference in all parts of the world, is facing strong opposition to its policy. It is for this reason that the United States has been trying, for a long time, to establish a permanent U.N. force and use it as its tool for aggression. The late President Kennedy, in summing up U.S. aggression against the Congo (L) said “the U.S. goal could best be served through the United Nations.” U.S. Secretary of State, Dean Rusk, was even more to the point when he said, “The flag of the United Nations is the emblem of a world community. It can be flown in places where the flag of another sovereign nation would be considered an affront.”

By manipulation and control, the United States has used the U.N. as its tool of aggression and subversion in violation of the Charter, which is being used more and more as a weapon of neo-colonialism.

In the 19th U.N. General Assembly session, under the direction of the United States, a resolution was adopted without a vote to set up a “special committee for peace-keeping operations.”

As explained by U.S. Vice-President Humphrey, “In its most operational form, peace-keeping in action is armed patrol of soldiers of peace in blue berets” to intervene in “explosive local disputes.”

The chief Soviet delegate, N.T. Fedorenko, declared in New York on March 26, 1965, that the Soviet Union was ready to enter into partnership with the United States for the establishment of “United Nations armed forces”. He added that the Soviet Union was willing to share the expenditure for this international gendamarie.

Echoing the speech at the U.N. General Assembly in September, 1958, of Mr. Dulles, in which he had suggested that countries other than the permanent members of the Security Coucil, could most profitably provide personnel for a U.N. Peace Force, Mr. Fedorenko repeated this proposal and added that the U.N. Force be an instrument in the hands of the permanent members of the Security Council.

Of course the troops from Africa, Asia and Europe will be trained and financed mainly by the USA and Soviet Union, to do the dirty job of supporession. In a memorandum, the ex-premier of Soviet Union Krushchov had submitted the proposal in July 1964 for a “UN Force” that could be sent to any “troubled areas” in the world.

It is natural that the oppressed peoples in Africa, Asia and Latin America should rise in revolt against the imperialist aggression and for the overthrow of colonial rule and that the newly independent countries should resist the subversion and interference in their countries. The U.S. imperialists call them “explosive local disputes” and according to the Soviet Union they are in “troubled areas”. Hence both these big powers are engaging in a partnership to suppress national liberation movements, under the flag of the U.N.

In fact, Mr Fedorenko in his speech associated Vietnam with the “peacekeeping” operation of the U.N. saying that the U.N. Committee for Peacekeeping operations began its work “in a characteristic atmosphere created by the U.S. actions in southeast Asia that are extremely dangerous to the cause of peace.”

In fact, the United States has been trying its best to internationalise and legalise its aggression in Vietnam by associating it with the U.N. If the Soviet Government tries to pull the chestnuts out of the fire for U.S. imperialism, it will only burn its fingers.

The Soviet delegate had made a façade of protesting regarding the payments of the cost of U.N. operations in the Congo, for which it had voted in the United Nations. This U.N. operation had not only helped the United States to murder the great leader of Congo, Patrice Lumuba, but has made it possible for this country to become a colony of the United States.

The government of the Soviet Union today has gone a step forward not only by providing a fig leaf to naked U.S. aggression, but has, in fact, offered to join in a partnership in aggression with U.S. imperialism to suppress the national liberation movements, all in the name of “keeping the peace.”

The peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America have had a great admiration for the Soviet Union and its great scientific achievements and space explorations, but they shall resist all attempts at domination carried on by the U.S. imperialism whether or not in joint partnership with the Soviet Union.

The plans of U.S. imperialism for world domination, with all its nuclear weapons and its “economic aid” neo-colonial plots and despite its dual tactics of war blackmail and peace frauds are doomed to destruction. We warn the Soviet Government that by collaborating with the worst enemy of all peoples and world peace, it will only share its fate.


The people of Asia, Africa, Latin America and all those who are resolutely opposing U.S. imperialist aggression against Vietnam, were shocked to say the least at the action of the Soviet authorities to suppress in brutal violence, the angry demonstration of Asian, African and Latin American students in front of the United States Embassy in Moscow.

On March 4, students in their righteous indignation marched to the U.S. Embassy to protest against the barbaric aggression of U.S. imperialism against Vietnam. In the glorious traditions of the anti-imperialist peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America, they shouted slogans and threw stones at the Embassy breaking its windows. The authorities of the Soviet Union had thrown in 700 soldiers, police and mounted guards and quite a few snow ploughs and fire engines around the U.S. Embassy to prevent the demonstrators from getting near it. When the students pressed on, the soldiers and police attacked them ruthlessly, injuring 130 students from Vietnam, Indonesia, Cuba and other countries, quite a few of them were admitted to hospitals.

To add insult to injury, the Soviet Ministry of Foreign Affairs tendered an apology to the U.S. Ambassador and rushed workers to clean the walls of the Embassy.

It is a matter of shame that the present leaders of this great land of Lenin – who stood for consistent support for the oppressed people and uncompromising opposition to the imperialists – should so obsequiously express solicitude to the butcher of the Negro, Congolese and Vietnamese people, while perpetrate brutalities on the glorious anti-imperialist student demonstrators.

Have the Soviet leaders learnt these barbaric methods of suppression of popular demonstrators from their “friends” the Johnson administration, who have a special expertise in suppression of the Negro people of America?

West Indian Gazette April-May, 1954
West Indian Gazette April-May, 1954